Working with us

We’re always looking for talented individuals interested in joining our team.

The skills and experience we value are shown on the right.

To join our team you’d need to be able to work autonomously for much of the time, delivering agreed work packages to realistic deadlines. You’d also need to be proactive in asking for any help needed to meet your objectives in good time. Most of our team have military experience, but it’s by no means a requirement.

We don’t recruit through agencies, so if you believe that you could make a valuable contribution to our team and enjoy the benefits of working with us, send your CV and covering letter to us saying why you think so.

 programming  user training  software design & testing
 IT support  network support  software testing  software installation  technical authoring
 business development  foreign languages  website design
 air defence  GEO/GIS  counter terrorism  policing  drones