A CTS-PRAS user who recently attended the Counter Drone Operator Course, "Found the software very powerful and an impactive piece of software for the planning of drones and counter drones".
The officer said, "I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend the product".
Gwent Police CTS-PRAS Operator
"I used CTS-PRAS to produce a search strategy for a Missing Person the other day, it was really useful and made easy work of the strategy document while at the scene with Lowland Search and Rescue.

I was really impressed with it for my first real use, see loads of potential in it."
Staffordshire Police CTS-PRAS Operator
"This was a great session, giving users the opportunity to develop their use of the system bringing GPS tracks into CTS-PRAS.

This has many advantages from marking patrol routes to identifying where search teams have walked. This will confirm which areas have been searched and allows an easy indication of any areas missed or not fully covered.

Good session, thanks you for the CUNNING RUNNING SOFTWARE LIMITED Support Team."
MOD Police CTS-PRAS Operator
“Firstly, can I say thank the Team for the outstanding delivery of the course. Detailed, clear, interesting, and very much on-point, delivered at the correct level.

This is such an awesome piece of software that I have used as a Police Search Advisor, and it has saved lives. Using the vector layers to exclude or include differing data sets to narrow down search areas is invaluable.

This is equally true for countering weapons threat. Taking the time and effort out of where to recce to just focus on the required areas to mitigate or remove that risk is what saves time and provides more focused action.

I have just started to complete some pre-recce work on areas where people regularly go missing, such as the hospital. I have been able to identify all the bus stops, bodies of water, main roads and bridges within set walking times (using the new time travel feature) to prioritise the search actions by attending officers. Taking the guess work away from what someone may do and focus on what they can do limited by how far someone can actually walk in a set time and what risks they may come across in that distance – this being particularly relevant to those most vulnerable in society.

This means we can save more lives and prevent more harm occurring to people, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

The creation of written reports across incident response planning, counter weapons, vulnerability assessment, risk assessment and search/crime strategies makes the task easier and more efficient. This is made easier by the functionality to switch between 3D and aerial mapping layers to double-check the Raster matches to what you think it should be – all from the desktop.

Whatever the threat facing the task is; whether that be a drone, weapon, an IED or a person this has it covered. Thank you again for allowing me to leave the course inspired and motivated to continue to help keep people safe and help return those who are most vulnerable to a loved one.”
Wiltshire Police PolSA
"Trying to establish what has, and what hasn’t been searched when investigating a missing person case is vital to returning a loved one home. To be able to use GPS data from the searcher’s radios and overlay that onto a map allows me as the search advisor to immediately see where we may need to search, especially when overlaid with the priority search and vectored areas.

When incorporating both a foot and vehicle-based search differentiating between different types of searches is invaluable. Added to that the overlay of the drone search area provides a full digital picture of the search – vital in fast-paced searches and those where there is significant risk."
Wiltshire Police CTS-PRAS Operator
"Another really informative, detailed and professional presentation delivered by the team with the features of patrol routes being highlighted and demonstrated. As a PolSA, being able to utilise software like this for everything from missing people to drone mitigation is invaluable."
Wiltshire Police CTS-PRAS Operator
"Good insight into the capabilities of the system and how it can be used to aid in prevention and detection of drone incidents"
Sussex Police Gatwick CTS-PRAS Operator
"I’m an experienced CTS-PRAS user, but this was a function I had not used. I had taken 30 minutes out of planning an event to connect to the webinar.

I immediately went back to my operational plan, used the content of the webinar to improve the incident overview. A simple function but very useful and of immediate use. "
West Yorkshire Police CTS-PRAS Operator
"Excellent session on ‘Incident Response Planning’ this morning from the team on CTS-PRAS on how to use the software to easily and quickly develop detailed plans.

Just spent half-an hour running through it myself and have produced a top-quality document!"
Wiltshire Police CTS-PRAS Operator
"Today I took part in another concise and informative CTS-PRAS webinar on the subject of Laser strikes.

I have not had need to utilise this function to date but the short session has left me with the confidence to answer the call when it arrives. 30 minutes well spent. "

West Yorkshire Police CTS-PRAS Operator
"I found that the teaching method used during the course - actually carrying out the tasks 'live' using the training laptop while the lesson is ongoing - is a great way of learning. This way any mistakes you make during the lesson can be identified and learned from in the classroom when there is support on hand from the experts to explain where you went wrong."
Northumbria Police CTS-PRAS Operator
said "This system has a variety of uses and has been developed to be straightforward to operate. The high-quality training and support ensure that the system is an effective tool for a knowledge-based approach to problem solving."
Gatwick Airport Police CTS-PRAS Operator
“A fantastic input by the team at Cunning Running over the last few days on Aviation Vulnerability Assessments & utilising bespoke mapping software to help mitigate attacks from MANPADS & Indirect Fire Weapons to complement the existing Counter Drone mitigations"
NPCC Counter Drone Team
"An excellent course providing tuition on the effective use of the CTS-PRAS system for counter drone vulnerability assessments of specific locations, and the optimum options for mitigation.

This will be of benefit for operational and contingency planning as well as incident response and investigation with respect to drones."
Leicestershire Police CTS-PRAS Operator