What licences do I need?

This will depend on the business use of the system. We can provide World licences, Area licences (restricted to specific geographic areas), or Point licences (restricted to user defined points of interest e.g., specific airports).

How many users are on one licence?

The licences are tied to specific machines. There is no limit on the number of users per licence.

Do I need an export license?

Apart from SEARCH-PRAS and LASER-PRAS all our software requires an export licence from the UK. Check the product functionality table for details.

Is a licence transferrable within my team?

No, as the licences are tied to machines not users. We can arrange for licenses to be moved between machines in the case of machine failure

I work out of office hours shifts. How is technical support is provided?

Support is provided during core working hours, Monday to Friday 0900-1700 UK time. Outside working hours, the support email address and telephone number is monitored by a member of the team. Support is in place for operationally urgent enquires only outside these times.

I do not want to purchase a laptop, can I get someone to provide a service for me on a specific project?

CRSL can carry out various assessments for you. Our assessment service will be carried out using the same procedure used by the Police, by trained former Police or Military personnel

Can I supply my own hardware and only buy the software and maps?

If required, the software can be loaded onto the users own hardware. This option is subject to use of machines with the correct System Specification

How often is the software updated?

A major update is released annually, with minor updates coming out at least 6 monthly or more frequently if the need arises.

Can you develop Software to meet my specific needs?

Once on contract, you can request changes to the software to meet your specific requirements. Depending on the work package required, this development may fall within the support contract, or it may incur an additional cost.

What happens when the threat type changes?

The software can conduct analyses with a variety of threats. If multi-threat planning has been carried out using the software it can quickly switch from one threat to another. Threat details can be amended by the user.

Do you provide a full system solution?

We can provide a full system solution running on rugged or standard laptop(s).

Can I buy a single element of the software e.g., just search?

Check the product functionality table for details.

Can I target my own mapping?

All products come with a Map Manager that allows you to create your map packages, importing your own raw mapping data.

Do you provide suitable mapping for your products?

It depends on where in the world you wish to use the system. We have an in-house Mapping Manager who will support the acquisition and processing of suitable mapping products.

What mapping requirements are needed to underpin the software and how can we access them?

You will need height data to calculate intervisibility and weapon capabilities, at an accuracy dependent on what tasks you are carrying out. You are likely to also need topographic maps, aerial imagery, and vector map data, depending again on the tasks you are doing.

This data can be obtained through national mapping agreements (such as the UK PSGA), from your normal geospatial suppliers (such as Military Survey), from commercial suppliers, or, in some cases, from Open Source. You can also capture or enhance your mapping using Unmanned Aerial Systems or manned aircraft.

Are your products Esri compliant?

We have moved to a position where all mapping used by our products is held in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) GeoPackages. These are an open-source format that can be read, created maintained and displayed in many Geographic Information Systems, including Esri.

We include a MapManager that enables many different data sources, including all Esri data, to be ingested into GeoPackages. All our analysis data can write in formats that can be directly read and managed by Esri products (as well as many other vendors).

What sort of training do you provide?

We provide a group training session with most new contracts to get users up and running. We then provide frequent webinars on the different subject areas. Further training can be provided on standard or bespoke courses.

Where does training take place?

Our standard and bespoke training courses can be organised either at our premises in Romsey or, subject to numbers, at a customer site.

Can we arrange an informal discussion with you to learn more?

Of course; we would be delighted to speak to you and arrange an informal chat. Please contact us via phone on +44 (0)1794 834750 or email us at sales@cunningrunning.co.uk to organise.

Do you work in collaboration with private industry, as well as Government agencies?

Yes, we work with industry alongside our customers at Defence and Security agencies. Our software can support larger companies in specific workstreams, bids and procurement, where our products and knowledge can be of real benefit; for example, planning and siting of C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Aerial System) hardware. Please contact us if you feel there is a potential opportunity to collaborate with your organisation.

I am a commercial customer. Can I buy your software?

Yes, our software is available to commercial customers in the same way as it is to any other customer, with the same support and training offered. It should be noted that some of our government customers have access to the required mapping, via central agreements and therefore commercial customers may have to factor in the cost of mapping, in addition to our software. Also, supply may be subject to UK Export Control regulations.