Counter Terrorism

The Problem

In the current climate of terrorist activity Critical National Infrastructure, VIPs, and Crowded Places are increasingly being targeted with improvised explosives (IEDs) and stand-off weapons such as direct and indirect fire weapons.

Police and security forces still use traditional and laborious methodology, – ‘walking the ground’ – to carry out vulnerability assessments. By operating in this way, they are unaware that the use of detailed geographic analysis considerably reduces survey areas, saving time and cost.

In addition, simply defending buildings using surveillance technology isn’t fool-proof either. How about what the sensors see, and more importantly, what can they not? If a sensor goes down, which one needs to be tasked to ensure surveillance coverage is maintained?

When there is an active shooter firing indiscriminately out of a 1st-floor window you need to get a team in there to neutralise them. They can see everything so how do you get your team in? What are the safe routes in and out?