Consultancy & Services

Counter Drone Vulnerability Assessments

We provide an excellent standard of pre- and post-sales consultancy support because it is important to us that customers gain the very best from the solutions we offer.

Over many years we have amassed a lot of knowledge and experience in our specialist fields. Our success with Ground Based Air Defence siting and optimisation and vulnerability assessment of numerous military and terrorist weapons are just two examples. It is from this we are also able to carry out Counter Drone Vulnerability Assessments (CDVA) on behalf of our customers and clients.

This capability, combined with our understanding of geospatial products and how to simplify them for ease-of-use by end-users, means we can offer a valuable sounding board for real-world problems.

We are also able to share the wealth of experience gained from our end users, many of whom have adapted their business processes to our software to ensure it meets their specific needs.

As a Company we are flexible and can prioritise our own workload to deliver Counter Drone Vulnerability Assessment within agreed timescales, therefore reducing the impact on our customers.