Consultancy & Services

ways we can solve your problem

To enable you to get the best from our tools we offer a range of consultancy and support services. Our staff can draw on their own military and policing experience as well as technical knowledge to support you in a number of ways.

Vulnerability assessments
If you have resource constraints or are a new user, we can work alongside you, or in some cases work on your behalf, to produce high quality vulnerability assessments.

3D mesh model generation
Not all organisations have the full range of capabilities to generate high resolution 3D mesh models of the locations they are analysing with our tools. We can undertake the full process – conducting drone flights to capture imagery and then processing that imagery into the 3D model, orthographic imagery and height data that our tools can exploit; or we can undertake just the processing task using imagery captured by your own drone teams.

Bespoke Training
We offer a range of standard training courses (link) but can also construct bespoke solutions matched to the job requirements and experience levels of your people. For large organisations wishing to do their own training we can also undertake ‘train the trainer’ courses and validate your early internal training delivery.