What we can do to help you

We enable rapid, cost effective and improved outcomes.
Manual attempts to perform vulnerability analysis, assessments of optimal responses, and search optimisation can often can only be achieved using inaccurate and unreliable “short cut” techniques. As a result, significant time and resource are required however, outputs will often be unreliable and inconsistent.
Our tools automate and standardise the complex calculations required leaving front line users free to focus on the application of professional judgement to drive the task and explore alternative scenarios. Results are more robust, consistent, and available faster.

We exploit geospatial technology

Modern geospatial technology – maps, aerial photography, terrain models, 3D mesh model and associated computational techniques – are immensely powerful and able to provide great insight, especially when combined with geospatially referenced data; however the user interfaces of specialist general purpose tools can be daunting for non-specialist users.
Our tools are focused on the needs of frontline military and law enforcement customers. They have complex geospatial technology at their heart, exposing it in a form that links directly to familiar front line tasks. It delivers results that support the users’ organisational processes and implements their standards.

We provide an agile response to our customer requirements.
Throughout its more than 30 years history, Cunning Running’s operating model has been to listen closely to what current and future possible users say they need, and then ensure it is what our tools deliver. Our core analysis capability has shifted and adapted with our users’ needs, rapidly addressing new threats – for example UAVs – adapting and optimising the User Interface and exploiting new technical possibilities such as high-resolution 3D mesh models.

Our team give our customers comprehensive support.
We ensure our users are able to get the best from out tools by providing a comprehensive support package encompassing initial delivery & installation, introductory training followed by on-demand web-based refresher and feature specific training, query answering service, mapping sourcing & conversion, and 3D mesh model generation.

We work with best-in-class partners
By building our solutions on the best foundations possible including working with external partners and solution components we deliver the best solution. Rather than trying to reinvent wheels we produce highly focused solutions that exploit and integrate the best mix of external and in-house technology.