Training courses

We provide a friendly and supportive training package designed to suit your individual circumstances. Training is delivered in our class room at our offices in Romsey and can also be arranged on-site at your location. The maximum group size is 6 ensuring everyone will gain maximum support. Each attendee is supplied with individual hardware to enable as much hands-on usage of the software as possible. However, if you have groups of more than 6 you may prefer our courses to be delivered at your location.

Choose the course that is right for you:

CTS-PRAS Search Course – designed for PolSAs and covers MisPer, Crime and Defensive Venue (Building) Searches.

CTS-PRAS Defensive Event Course – designed for PolSAs and SecCo and covers Direct Fire and Indirect Fire (MBP) Assessments, Incident Response Plan, Shooters, Snipers, sensors and IEDs.

CTS-PRAS Aviation Security Assessment Course – designed for UK Airport Police forces who undertake MANPADS and Direct Fire Assessments against flight paths and Taxiways.

CTS-PRAS Counter Drone Course – designed for UK Police involved in Counter Drone Assessments including siting of counter drone components and importing of drone flight track data.

CTS-PRAS UAS-PRAS Course – designed for commercial customers or users of commercial Counter UAS equipment to aid in the siting of equipment.

CTS-PRAS Search Course (2 Day) Upcoming Sessions:

Begins Finishes:
Tuesday 5th March 2024 Wednesday 6th March 2024
Tuesday 4th June 2024 Wednesday 5th June 2024
Tuesday 17th September 2024 Wednesday 18th September 2024
Tuesday 10th December 2024 Wednesday 11th December 2024
Tuesday 25th March 2025 Wednesday 26th March 2025

CTS-PRAS Defensive Event Course (2 Day) Upcoming Sessions:

Begins Finishes:
Thursday 7th March 2024 Friday 8th March 2024
Thursday 6th June 2024 Friday 7th June 2024
Thursday 19th September 2024 Friday 20th September 2024
Thursday 12th December 2024 Friday 13th December 2024
Thursday 27th March 2025 Friday 28th March 2025

CTS-PRAS Counter Drone Course (2 Day) Upcoming Sessions:

Begins Finishes:
Thursday 14th March 2024 Friday 15th March 2024
Thursday 13th June 2024 Friday 14th June 2024
Thursday 26th September 2024 Friday 27th September 2024
Thursday 19th December 2024 Friday 20th December 2024
Thursday 3rd April 2025 Friday 4th April 2025

UAS-PRAS Course (2 Day) Upcoming Sessions:

Begins Finishes:
Tuesday 19th March 2024 Wednesday 20th March 2024
Tuesday 18th June 2024 Wednesday 19th June 2024
Tuesday 1st October 2024 Wednesday 2nd October 2024
Tuesday 7th January 2025 Wednesday 8th January 2025
Tuesday 8th April 2025 Wednesday 9th April 2025

CTS-PRAS Aviation Security Assessment Course (2 Day) Upcoming Sessions:

Begins Finishes:
Tuesday 12th March 2024 Wednesday 13th March 2024
Tuesday 11th June 2024 Wednesday 12th June 2024
Tuesday 24th September 2024 Wednesday 25th September 2024
Tuesday 17th December 2024 Wednesday 18th December 2024
Tuesday 1st April 2025 Wednesday 2nd April 2025