Counter UAS-PRAS - our solution

UAS – PRAS is a Counter Drone Vulnerability Assessment Tool. It provides security personnel with efficient and low resource pre-emptive Sensor Siting and Planning.

The software identifies any potential UAS Launch Areas mitigating the risk of UAS operators carrying out actions such as illegal filming or delivery of illegal or threatening cargo. In the case of a live UAS strike, the software will aid in the capture and prosecution of the operating pilots. It can also import recovered UAS flight data and display the flight path in both 2D and 3D providing law enforcement teams with evidence of a drone incursion.

Security personnel use the software technology to answer time and resource critical questions to ensure maximum effectiveness. For example, what Counter-UAS Components are needed and where should they be sited. What coverage will be achieved and are additional resources needed? Do I know where a pilot could be located and how can I achieve shared situational awareness?

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what we do

We work with major industry providers and we sell directly to governments and militaries worldwide who are engaged in ground-based area defence, aviation, and homeland security.

Each product we develop can be tailored to meet the set of functionalities that the end-user requires. Our Rapid Application Development environment combined with short iterative software development cycles enables us to deliver timely upgrades and enhancements to each solution. Because of this, we can fulfill many Urgent Operational Requirements.

Our solutions include installation, training, and regular maintenance upgrades. Each solution ensures a rapid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership. Existing customers agree they represent excellent value for money.

In addition, we provide a Counter Drone Vulnerability assessment service using expertise from our UAS-PRAS operators.


our customers

Cunning Running developed their UAS-PRAS analysis tool, increasing the capability of its globally proven software, working in partnership  with NCTPHQ  it is now in use across UK Police forces

In addition, we operate as sub-contractors to major industry providers and sell directly to law enforcement and military organisations worldwide.