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Every year hundreds of thousands of people go missing. In High-Risk cases, it is the responsibility of the Police Search Advisor (PolSA) to plan and manage these time critical searches. To carry out their task they need to write their Search Strategy, produce tasking sheets, and circulate photographs of the missing person to teams, utilising maps, aerial photography, geo-spatial tools and databases of past behaviours and previous experience. Many PolSAs still use a mix of manual methods and multiple separate systems to carry out this task.

This is inefficient and can waste valuable time.

The PolSA needs to identify the Place Last Seen, define and prioritise search areas and task search teams as well as monitor the progress of the search whilst keeping commanders and the media updated.
The PolSA must make optimal use of the scarce search resources available to them, whether Search and Rescue Teams, specialist search teams such as dogs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and members of the public who may wish to volunteer.

All the time the PolSA must also document their decision-making rationale for any future enquiry.

PoLSAs are also used to coordinate comprehensive searches in cases where forensic evidence needs to be recovered. This requires them to rapidly divide an area into sectors, control and manage the search and document any results found.

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what we do

We work with major industry providers and we sell directly to governments and militaries worldwide who are engaged in ground-based area defence, aviation, and homeland security.

We develop software to allow non-specialized users to tap into the power of geospatial analysis, whether that be for vulnerability assessment or searching for missing persons. Our solutions enable end-users to identify and manage threats to aircraft, VIPs, critical infrastructure or crowded places as well as carry out optimised comprehensive search within areas of interest.

Each product we develop can be tailored to meet the set of functionalities that the end-user requires. In addition, we operate as sub-contractors to major industry providers and sell directly to law enforcement and military organisations worldwide.

Our Rapid Application Development environment combined with short iterative software development cycles enables us to deliver timely upgrades and enhancements to each solution. Because of this, we can fulfill many Urgent Operational Requirements.

Our solutions include installation, training, and regular maintenance upgrades. Each solution ensures a rapid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership. Existing customers agree they represent excellent value for money.

We also provide mapping conversions between different military and civil formats, and advice and consultancy about vulnerability assessment matters

our customers

As PolSAs became more involved with our SAM-PRAS and RAM-PRAS products it became clear that the core functionality was ideally suited to providing tools to assist in Search for both Missing Persons and detailed forensics. CTS-PRAS rugged laptops are used on the ground by them enabling all to deploy the capability as and when required in various situations and climates.

The lead for this national project has been the National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters (NCTPHQ) who are acting as a single point of contact for all constabularies that wish to implement additional CTS-PRAS machines.