Force protection planning tool - our solution

Our Force Protection Planning Tool (FPPT) is used to analyse threats against Airborne targets from stand-off weapons such as MANPADS and Direct Fire Weapons. It provides support in generating and maintaining the Surveillance and Target Acquisition Plan (STAP) and ensures that shared situational awareness is available for all those required to execute a Force Protection plan.
The FTTP solution delivers detailed MANPADS, Direct & Indirect Fire, Counter IED and UAS vulnerability assessments. It logs and maintains a database of potential firing points to assist with patrolling and threat mitigation. It manages flight paths and taxiways and highlights the most likely firing positions against any target, as well as the technically possible ones.
Our Rapid Application Development environment combined with short, iterative software development cycles enables us to deliver timely upgrades and enhancements to each solution we provide. Because of this, we fulfil many Urgent Operational Requirements

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what we do

We work with major industry providers and we sell directly to governments and militaries worldwide who are engaged in ground-based area defence, aviation, and homeland security.

Our services include installation, initial training, and regular maintenance upgrades. Each solution ensures a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership. Existing customers agree they represent excellent value for money.

We also provide mapping conversions between different military and civil formats and advice and consultancy about vulnerability assessment matters.

our customers

FPPT is deployed globally in the UK (RAF, Police), Canada (RCAF, RCMP), France (Air Force), Australia (RAAF, AFP), and Germany (Air Force).