SAM-PRAS - Our Civilian Solution

SAM-PRAS is a unique software solution. It is deployed by counter-terrorism agencies to identify potential MANPADS launch points located within range of low-flying aircraft flight paths. It prioritises and catalogues locations for surveillance, reconnaissance, and patrolling.

Our solution is used worldwide in civil counter-terrorism situations. Its intuitive interface reduces training costs, leverages existing knowledge and increases the return of investment. Analysis and reports are produced two-dimensionally, in 3D and Google Earth™, updating reconnaissance teams, patrol units, protection commanders, and budget managers.

The patrol planning capability it provides ensures that high-risk sites are frequently visited to maximise the chances of uncovering and disrupting terrorist activity. GPS ‘truth trace’ data can also be captured to continually optimise patrol routes. When flight paths change SAM-PRAS automatically re-calculates where protection assets should be re-deployed.

SAM-PRAS constantly evolves to meet new threats to aircraft such as its a Laser strike capability which analyses patterns from aircrew laser strike reports. This capability has led to the successful identification of perpetrators, and their subsequent arrest

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Working with major industry providers, we sell directly to governments and police worldwide who are engaged in ground-based area defence, aviation and homeland security. Each product encompasses assessment, mitigation and target denial for different threat situations.

Our Rapid Application Development environment combined with short iterative software development cycles enables us to deliver timely upgrades and enhancements to each solution. Because of this, we fulfil many Urgent Operational Requirements.

Our services include installation, initial training, and regular maintenance upgrades. Each solution ensures a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership. In addition, we can provide mapping conversions between military and civil formats and advice about vulnerability assessment matters.

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The SAM-PRAS Capability is available as a stand-alone option. In addition, it can be integrated into our force protection Planning Tool (FPPT) or our Counter Terrorism & Search Position Ranking & Analysis system (CTS-PRAS)

In addition to the UK, it is deployed globally in the USA, France, Morocco, and Australia.