Cunning Running appoints Rick Location Solutions as reseller in German market

Cunning Running Software Limited  has appointed Rick Location Solutions GmbH (RLS) as its reseller in the German market.

RLS has extensive experience in and connections with the law enforcement, military and other sectors in Germany, and in-depth knowledge of the German geospatial market.

Stephen Mallon, Managing Director of Cunning Running, said: “The German market is an important one for us, and we already have a small number of sales there. German customers face many of the same threats as and share many of the requirements of our UK customers. Working with RLS we look forward to demonstrating the benefits of our unique solutions more effectively to a wider group of German organisations, and offering an extended set of services to German customers.

Martin Rick, Managing Director of RSL said: “The Protection of people and critical infrastructures against strikes with small UAVs is one of the major security challenges of our time. The “Zeitenwende” speech from German chancellor Olaf Scholz in February 2022 has made this very clear. We are very happy to build a European partnership with CRS to support security authorities and operators of critical infrastructure in Germany with professional software tools for the coordination of c-UAV measures and security planning.”