RAM-PRAS - our civilian solution

Our Rocket and Mortar Position Ranking and Analysis System (RAM-PRAS) is our civilian Homeland Security solution which is a unique multi-purpose tool used by governments dealing with counter-terrorism.

The software identifies potential firing points of Direct and Indirect fire weapons enabling users to visualise the threat footprint. Maps, diagrams, and other data is processed and downloaded to front-line personnel attending the incident.

This decision support tool delivers enhanced situational awareness, informed ‘safe route’ planning. Critically it updates the threat status as the situation develops.

For defending Critical National Infrastructure, RAM-PRAS displays sensor coverage in 2 and 3-dimensional space. It is overlaid on Google Earth™, giving an immediate visual indication of which sensors provide the optimum for security, incident observation, and perimeter surveillance.

As a preventative tool, RAM-PRAS uses terrain elevation and weapon characteristics to calculate where potential launch sites exist. These are examined and mitigated using aerial photography and ground survey. A site database provides a record of all site surveys with notes, photos, videos, maps, sketches, and aerial imagery.

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Working with major industry providers, we sell directly to governments and militaries worldwide who are engaged in Homeland Security. Each product encompasses vulnerability assessment, threat mitigation and target denial for different risk situations.

Our Rapid Application Development environment combined with short iterative software development cycles enables us to deliver timely upgrades and enhancements to each solution. Because of this, we fulfill many Urgent Operational Requirements.

Our services include installation, initial training, and regular maintenance upgrades. Each solution ensures a rapid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership. In addition, we can provide mapping conversions between military and civil formats and advice about vulnerability assessment matters.

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The RAM-PRAS Capability is available as a stand-alone option. It can also be integrated into SAM-PRAS, FPPT, and CTS-PRAS

It has been used to plan defences against potential terrorist activity during the London Olympic Games and the NATO G8 Summit in Celtic Manor in South Wales.