5.1 Releasing Soon

With V5.1 of our software being launched next week; we are showing what is to come. Today it is the improvements we have made to the plotting of a #drone . This can be used on a recovered drone or for drone planning. A selection of drones is included in the software, and some come with the […]

5.1 Preview

With v5.1 of our software about to be released we thought we give you a preview of what is to come. One enhancement is Travel Time. This will use live data of how far a vehicle or person can travel over a period of time. For example, if a vehicle was seen leaving a location […]

West Yorkshire CTS-PRAS Training

This week the training team has been in West Yorkshire running a CTS-PRAS Basic Operators Course 12 officers from West Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Police, Durham Police and Humberside Police. This course will teach them how to use the software to carry out Defensive Event Assessments (Direct and Indirect Fire Weapons), Drone Launch Site Assessments and Missing Person and Crime […]