Learn about our 3D Mapping Capability

3D Mapping Capability

Cunning Running Software provides innovative bespoke geospatial threat and vulnerability assessment tools. These tools support law enforcement, counter terrorism, and specialist crime agencies, in both the UK and overseas.

CTS-PRAS, our Counter Terrorism Search – Position Ranking & Analysis System software, offers functionality and capability for use in Missing Persons Searches, Defensive Venue Analysis and Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems.

The software has demonstrated excellent time and cost savings for UK Policing as surveillance planning can be undertaken via desktop investigation, reducing physical on ground footprint.

When supporting covert operations, it can dramatically reduce the several days demanded by manual preplanning tasks to around 1 hour using the software.

Through plotting or knowing the capabilities of specific sensors and cameras, an operational picture can be quickly assembled. The optimisation of sensor position and coverage can be understood and either designated for search, or upscaled for improved coverage.

By plotting where you can place cameras at target locations, CTS-PRAS reduces operational costs and the likelihood of mission compromise. It also allows the user to analyse sensors and CCTV, to show their detect, recognise and identify ranges, based on camera characteristics, and any overlapping coverage.

Any areas not covered are identified developing an understanding of ideal positions to watch a target, to position friendly fire, or to carry out optimum covert operations.

The resulting surveillance plan can be shown in 2D or 3D.

3D Mapping with enhanced data capture & capability:

The software we provide is agile and constantly adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customers. The enhanced 3D capability shown here, adds another level to the analysis that can be achieved through simple visualisation.

Our in-house drone capability allows us to capture detailed mapping quickly and economically. We can also ingest data from other drone sources as required.

Other tools include converting and importing drone flight tracks. In addition, we are developing the inclusion of drone mission planning.

Everything we do is aimed at enhancing the user experience and providing more timely and relevant information to the end user.

Our latest enhancements, using Skyline TerraExplorer, built into the software, provides powerful tools in a high-resolution, 3D environment.  Here the user can view, query, analyse and present geospatial data. These enhancements provide an extensive capability to rapidly process and disseminate 3D geospatial content to key command teams and end users.

G7 Summit

Devon & Cornwall Police used CTS-PRAS and Skyline TerraExplorer during the G7 summit to overlay security assessments and produce high-resolution 3D images of all the key venues. This provided detailed and planned analysis, using up-to-date images, taken from aircraft or drones.

The resulting images enabled security teams to conduct aerial and viewshed assessments to identify line of sight, from either a stationary or moving patrol. The images revealed where patrols or Security Cameras could see, and more importantly, where they could not see!

Detailed 3D images are easily achieved by drones using built in mapping planning software or various other online software, to plan, and create the images required.

The images can be processed and published on secure servers by CRSL or processed and held locally in particularly sensitive scenarios (note the requirement for additional software if you wish to produce your own 3D models from your drone imagery).

Further example images are available, contact us to see more.