G7 Summit Case Study

The G7 summit was held over the weekend of 11th-13th June in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. World leaders from some of the
world’s richest democracies, including US President Joe Biden & German Chancellor Angela Merkel, assembled at
the resort near St Ives. It was the largest policing event to have ever taken place in Cornwall and the biggest policing
and security event to take place in England during 2021.

Cunning Running Software Limited (CRSL) provided their Counter Terrorism & Search (CTS-PRAS) capability for G7.
It proudly supported the planning & delivery of a safe summit. 6,500 Police officers and hundreds of British troops
were drafted in to provide a protective “ring of steel” around the bay. Security teams had begun preparing for potential
threats and scenarios many months in advance.

CTS-PRAS enabled specialist protection teams to make decisions that focused on delivering a targeted and effective
response, to the areas ranked and identified with the highest threat risk. The software pinpoints and maps areas, to help mitigate potential hostile weapon attacks or
drone incursions. Furthermore, it can also be utilised to aid in patrol strategies and siting of C-UAS planning and control tools, by selecting and deploying sensors, trackers, and effectors.

During G7, CTS-PRAS was mainly used to deliver weapon assessments including Counter Drone, Direct Fire on vehicle
routes, Mortar Base Plate and MANPADS at various airports around the region by the Police. They used them for
strategic planning, producing a detailed vulnerability assessment for every venue being used at the summit. As drone
sightings were being reported during the event, a swift check of CTS-PRAS was carried out by operational officers which
would quickly determine if any DLSA sites were close. If so, these were investigated on the ground.

The Police also used the same innovative technology to look at other threats, such as lasers and flights paths (for
both military and civilian aircraft), where the software was used in real time during the summit, and to plan and manage
Searches of key venues.

Cunning Running Software’s Managing Director, Chris Barrington Brown, commented “We have a proud and long-standing tradition in supporting UK Policing with major event
planning, whether it be G7, a royal wedding, sports championships, or Remembrance Day parades. We continually improve the software to ensure it is intuitive,
meets the customer requirement and delivers intelligent output that protects against attacks of many differing types.

We now look forward to supporting Police Scotland for the COPS26 summit later in 2021 and the Commonwealth Games in 2022.”

Inspector Mark Ruston was the Devon & Cornwall Police, lead CT SecCo and Protect Coordinator for G7 2021 and he
said, “We get real value in using CTS-PRAS; once again it proved how useful it is for law enforcement & intelligence
communities, in providing reliable Counter Terrorism information we can depend upon.

CTS-PRAS use in the Protective Security planning for the G7 in Cornwall was pivotal in making decisions on our Counter
Drone prevention and response, other aviation threats such as MANPADS along with reviewing other attack
methodologies and mitigating those risks right down to simple line of sight profiles.

The level of support offered by the Cunning Running team during the planning phase for G7 and during the event was
a real comfort blanket as well and it was exciting to be able to work together to further improve the system. As a result
of our continued use of CTS-PRAS, we will be looking to expand our capability even further post G7, subject to further
funding being made available