farewell message from our founder

The 1st of July 2022 was the beginning of a new phase for both Cunning Running Software and me.  CRSL became an Employee Ownership Trust, and the employees are the owners.  This will enable the company to remain independent and continue to produce cutting edge vulnerability assessment software for defence and law-enforcement organisations worldwide.  I can now retire to pursue other activities (www.ddaybuildup.info amongst others), and watch from the side-lines as CRSL goes from strength to strength.

I’m amazingly proud of what we have achieved over the last 35 years.  They say that the only thing harder than getting a new idea into a bureaucratic head is getting an old idea out.  We have succeeded in getting several new ideas into military and civil government organisations, whether that be computerising the management of establishment tables, optimising the siting of ground-based air defence assets, defending aircraft and critical national infrastructure against terrorist threats, or speeding up the search for high risk missing people.  It has been great to hear from satisfied customers that our software has made their lives easier, improved outcomes, reduced analysis time and in several cases, saved lives.

Over the years I’ve made some great friends amongst our customers, suppliers and throughout my defence and security network.  It’s been a fun journey from a one man band with an idea, to the well recognised and respected team and products that exists today.  Thanks to all of you.

The team at CRSL is fantastic, and under the new Managing Director, Steve Mallon, are set to develop our software with new customers and into new technology areas.  It’s been a pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to hearing where and how you go forward.

So to all our customers, all my network, all my friends and above all, the staff at Cunning Running: Thank You and Good Luck!

Chris Barrington Brown